Saturday, May 5, 2007

Passage To India buffet

We went to the buffet at Passage to India in Mountain View. Being fans of Indian buffet in general and Mountain View residents, it seemed a little silly that we hadn't tried it.

Overall, the food was very tasty. The chicken tikka masala, malai kofta, chicken roll, and rogan josh (lamb) were outstanding, as was the nan, kept piled on a warm grill. I love nan, and had to stop myself from going and getting more even when I was too full to move. Everything we had was pretty tasty and not too spicy (I stayed away from the chili chicken, which one of our friends said was "OMG hot"), though I had a little burn in my mouth at the end of the meal.

The gulab jamun was among the best I've had: soft, sweet, and warm dough ball in sugar water, which could've had a little more rose in it. They also had a small cake (rather, a large cake in small pieces), which was good, and mango frozen yogurt, which I didn't try.

Overall, you can tell that the buffet is only available Tuesday nights (vegetarian) and weekend nights (full). The access and variety aren't as good as Bombay Garden, though the steam trays are smaller and except for the chicken tikka masala, they did an excellent job of keeping the food fresh and warm. The slightly better quality is probably worth the extra dollar in price, and it is closer to where we live, but I can see us going back to Bombay Garden just for variety. Passage to India is a very good Indian buffet, but here in the Bay Area that just gets it into the rotation.

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